Dan treated, coached and guided me to recovery from a painful frozen shoulder. That shoulder is now stronger and more mobile than the one I never injured! He is also a delight to work with.

A Very Grateful Patient

I was doing daily ballet classes at Steps in New York last July 2013 and started to get 'nervy' pains on one side of my pelvis near the hip joint. Dan was able to diagnose a long term postural problem and gave me stretches and strengthening exercises, empowering me to correct it for good. He gave me detailed written information as well as links to videos demonstrating the stretch/strength exercises. I followed his advice and no longer have the pain. Dan's information increased my awareness about healthy pelvic placement and natural curves of the spine. I feel my ballet students have also benefitted from my increased knowledge.

Elizabeth Roberts

Former member of The Australian Ballet/Classical ballet teacher

There is no physical therapist I trust more than Dan Giordano. Through multiple and diverse injuries he has demonstrated tremendous knowledge and sensitivity. I am actually amazed at how quickly I heal when he is leading my recovery. Ideally, I would see him proactively to attempt to avoid injury and simply keep my body at its strongest!

Shara M


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Dan’s knowledge and willingness to listen to and understand my input and goals, sets him apart from any other therapist I have worked with in the past.

Anonymous Patient

Thank you for the warm welcome to the new clinic last week

Anonymous Patient

Kind and caring people in a lovely environment, with extremely knowledgeable and skilled therapists, Bespoke Treatments is the best PT practice I have visited. I highly recommend!

Joy Maimon

I am very grateful for the warm and efficient welcome by you and Mike. I think the space is great and I can’t wait to integrate some fitness training at Bespoke along with a regular PT schedule. This is the combination I have been looking for! A system to integrate PT and strength and mobility training under the same roof where you can actually talk to each other and optimize a plan for me. As you could tell, I absolutely adore Mike. He has been instrumental in helping me be able to do the things in life that make me happy. He is the first PT who really works on the root of my issues and helps me to find ways to maintain my movement and strengthen at the same time.

Karen Marcotte

I had such a wonderful experience, you and Mike are so personable and engaging. Not only did you both listen, but you both welcomed me to a point that I’ve feel like I’ve know you both my entire life. The atmosphere is perfect, and I’m so glad that I’ve selected you for my care.

Joshua Adams