Looking for a different external cue to hold your spinal position throughout your squat? I found this fun little drill to be useful for those who have the tendency overextend their lumbar spine while descending into a squat. To set up, I have attached a PVC to my waist using a resistance band. The key here would be to keep the chin and torso in contact with the PVC throughout the movement. Notice, as the lumbar spine loses position, the PVC will pop forward, providing the individual with instant feedback for correction.


Always remember your go to squatting cues:
1. Feet just outside of shoulder width, toes pointed forward-15 degrees outward
2. Remain over middle of foot throughout descent, knees track over toes
3. Maintain contact with the PVC by keeping midline on tension (pinch ribcage towards hips)
4. Push through middle of foot and squeeze butt to stand

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