Once establishing core control in supine, it’s time to move from the ground up. Over the years, I have been working to establish midline stability with my barbell lifts. But like many other athletes, I recently ended up with low back pain because I was skipping steps.

According to standardized testing, I have all of the flexibility it takes to perform barbell movements. But, it’s the ability to actively control/sequence throughout the range which is causing my symptoms. My most common faults include the following:
a) Overextension of my lumbar spine when under physical stress
b) Decreased ability to actively flex lumbar spine/posteriorly rotate pelvis
c) Little to no breath control (notorious upper chest breather with the tendency to valsalva with EVERYTHING).

With a little bit of coaching from the @movementmaestro & @activelifeRX, I have come up with an exercise progression to address my dysfunction:
1. Supine and 90/90 w/basic breathing, pelvic tilts, and abdominal bracing
2. Dead Bugs in supine w/ breath sequencing
3. Heel Tap + Slides in supine w/ breath sequencing
4. Quadruped Cat/Camel w/ breath sequencing
5. Bird dog w/ breath sequencing
6. Bear Crawl w/ easy breathing

As bird dogs become easier, I decided to give the bear crawls a try, since it is a more dynamic exercise in the quadruped position. This exercise is an excellent opportunity for me to practice midline control with reciprocal upper/lower extremity movement. Once I master these, it will be time to challenge myself in the half-kneeling position, onward and upward!

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