This is one of my go-to accessory shoulder exercises when rebuilding stamina and strength of the posterior shoulder musculature, with a specific emphasis on external rotation. This is extremely beneficial for shoulder health, as it strengthens both eccentrically and concentrically. Notice in this video, I am demo-ing a tempo throughout the movement, with 3 seconds on the way down (eccentric) and 1 second on the way up (concentric). This is to increase time under tension, in order to establish stamina for the rotator cuff to be able to handle load for longer period of time. Why stamina? Because the posterior shoulder/rotator cuff has a lot of work to do within a 24 hour period. It is important to prescribe exercise with the intention to make it as relative to the task as possible. Be sure to start light with this one, it’ll get ya!


When setting up:
1. Prop elbow onto knee
2. Pack shoulder blade to ribcage, making sure there is no forward shoulder rounding in start position
3. Lower down for a count of 3, keep wrists straight, preventing forward shoulder rounding
4. Up for a count of one
5. Repeat! Ideally 12-15 reps for 3 sets. The goal is to accumulate about 60-90s of constant work per set.
6. From there, we can choose to increase tension over time or load, depending on the goals of the individual.

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