The Overhead Squat is a great full body movement that requires shoulder, core, hip, knee, ankle stability AND mobility in order to complete the full movement. Any sort of limitation through any one or more of these joints will make this much more difficult!  You can do this with a broomstick or a PVC pipe and it can still be quite difficult for most athletes.


At the core: Keep the belly button pulled into the spine
At the hips: Focus on the hip hinge as you sit into the bottom of the squat
At the knees: Avoid letting your knees drop inwards by using your glutes to push the knees out
At the shoulders: Pull your shoulder blades back and down towards each other
At the elbows/wrists: Think about bending the bar away from you the whole time and rotating your palms to face behind you while holding onto the bar.

Avoid looking downwards at the floor or arching the lower back in order to keep the pipe/broomstick above your head.

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