Lunging is an important movement and exercise that can carry over to our ability to walk and run. Since we don’t hop around like Kangaroos, our strength on one leg is important – and our form when performing this movement is also very important!


When lunging forwards, it is important to think about our movement in two views: from the front and the back.

From the front, think about an imaginary line from the hip to the ankle. Allowing the knee to drop inside of this line can put your knee at risk for injury! This knee dropping inwards can also be indicative of hip instability or poor muscle activation. It may be simply alleviated by actively thinking about keeping your knee in line with your foot as you perform your lunge.

From the side, the knee shooting over the big toe over the front also can put your knee at risk for injury, putting an increasing force along the patella (your kneecap) that can degrade the cartilage and cause other issues at the knee. This may be alleviated by thinking about keeping the front shin as vertical as possible, and additionally dropping the back knee to the floor through the movement.

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