The Bulgarian Split Squat is a useful single leg exercise to address single leg strength, stability as well as hip extension flexibility on the opposite side. The split squat targets the rectus femoris, a hip flexor of the quad that is also involved with knee extension. Notice, as Katie descends the squat, her trail leg is pulled into hip extension and knee flexion, the opposite action of the rectus, providing a stretch to the muscle belly. Go ahead and give this one a go!

For proper setup: 
1. Height of the bench/box should be just below knee height
2. Set back foot flush against surface, with front leg as far out as lunging stance
3. Squeeze butt of the back leg/maintain midline tension throughout movement
4. Keep the torso upright throughout the descent, you should be feeling a stretch across the front of your back hip
5. Press through the front heel to stand

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