For post-operative patients looking to improve grip strength and dexterity, this is a great place to start. Here is an example of some basic active finger drills to get the hand moving properly again!

Often times, the beginning stages of upper extremity post-operative care requires a period immobility in order to facilitate the recovery phase (aka- sling-bound). After a few weeks in a sling, the upper extremity musculature becomes weak, atrophied, and bound down to it’s surrounding tissues.Individual finger active range of motion will help unglue forearm intrinsic musculature, regain strength, and provide feedback to the neuro system that the hand is up and running again!

Here is an example of a finger drill, this one in particular emphasizing extension/adduction/abduction of digits 2-5:


1. Place hand flat on table, spreading fingers as wide as possible
2. Move one finger at a time from 2nd-5th digit, 3-5x clockwise/counterclockwise to the limits of finger joint

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