Being able to hold a plank in a static position is one thing, but how often (other than sitting) are we staying still when we are trying to activate our core? Our core is the foundation of our strength, and when the muscles that help stabilize us are not able to do their job, that puts us at risk for injury down the line. The importance of being able to stabilize your core and be able to move the body around it can help us perform our daily activities much more efficiently.

You can start in a pushup position – turn your core on by pulling the belly button into your spine and squeeze your glutes to help keep your spine in a neutral position. While keeping the back as ‘quiet’ as possible (avoid twisting your hips/spine or arching the back), take one hand and tap the opposite elbow. Too easy? Tap the opposite shoulder. Too hard? Move your feet apart and make sure your core is engaged when you re-attempt the movement.

By tapping the opposite elbow or shoulder, we change our center of gravity and begin to challenge our core a little bit more than if we were staying still. Being able to challenge and develop your core stability with movement will go a long way, so give this move a shot!


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