The kettle bell arm bar is another good mobility/stability drill that is beneficial for shoulder health. Moving in and out of position will facilitate spinal rotation, as well as open up the anterior structures in the chest/shoulder girdle. The asymmetrical placement of the weight on the back of the forearm will provide excellent stability/proprioception to the gleno humeral joint, requiring the shoulder to work harder to keep the weight balanced.


1. Proper setup: use two hands to set the weight, and roll onto your back
2. Pack the shoulder down and back, then press, fists should be over shoulder blades
3. Bend knee on the same side, then press foot through the floor to initiate rotation
4. Begin rotating hips towards the floor, squeeze shoulder blade towards spine (retract)  to stabilize shoulder, and maintain eye contact with the kettle bell throughout the motion
5. Kettle bell should remain aligned over ribcage, do not rotate further if compensation occurs
6. Perform 5-10 reps per side, with light-moderate weight, so long as you can maintain proper form

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