Once proper shoulder range of motion and overhead strength is established, the single arm dumbbell muscle snatch is a great way to challenge shoulder stability in the later stages of rehab. This movement will teach the body to transfer power from the hip to the overhead position, reducing risk of injury for overhead athletes returning to sport.

1. Hang position: start with dumbbell in-between knees, send the hips back, knees should be soft and slightly bent, keep the chest/head up, midline on tension, knees out, with arm back and behind you to counter-balance
2. Extension phase: drive through your heels, fully extending the knees/hips, using the momentum to bring your elbow up and back
3. Catch position: unfurl elbow to full lockout position, bicep should be behind the ears, knees should be straight
4. Reset: Bring the elbow down and forward with control, send the hips back, knees should be soft and and slightly bent (just like the setup)

Be sure to always choose a weight that allows you to establish with full control. If you are new to this movement, start light and focus on form!

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