If you refer back to our Single Leg Squat with the TRX, we discuss the importance of the ability to stabilize the hip and leg when standing on one foot. Being able to perform movements like the single leg squat can contribute to an improved ability to stand on and push off on one leg. This movement is an alternative exercise to help strengthen the posterior chain when limited in strength.

The single leg reach/deadlift targets the Gluteus Maximus and the Hamstrings which both help to improve hip extension, and decrease reliance on the Quadriceps which may be a cause of anterior knee pain. Standing on one leg, keep the core engaged and the spine in a neutral position (don’t round your back out!), reach back with the leg not on the ground and allow the hips to bend until you feel a stretch in the back of the hamstring. At this point, squeeze your butt and use your hips to stand up. You should not feel this movement in the back. 


This movement is a fun one to work on and can help improve running mechanics and efficiency, so give this a shot!

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