Posture, posture, posture. 

Poor posture and slouching changes the way we move because our muscles and joints are held in these positions for long periods of time. When we attempt to move after sitting over a desk over the course of a work day, these muscles are limited, causing compensations elsewhere up or down the kinetic chain.Your Pectoralis Minor is important because it attaches the shoulder blade to the front of the ribcage, and can cause what we call protraction of the shoulder (it is forward enough to change the alignment of the shoulder joint). When the shoulder is protracted, it changes the alignment of the glenohumeral (what everyone focuses on in the shoulder) joint, putting some important structures like your rotator cuff at risk of being pinched. 


Mobilizing this muscle (including the Pectoralis Major) can help to open up the shoulder: Find where the Pectoralis attaches to the shoulder, above your armpit, just inside of the front of your shoulder, and under your collar bone. Place the lacrosse ball there as you get up against a corner in order to lean into the wall and press into the lacrosse ball. You can add arm movements in order to increase the intensity of the mobilization.

Like the other postural exercises, this should be followed up with posture and even scapular stabilization in order to help cement this new alignment.

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