We talk a lot about posture here at the clinic, and how it affects your alignment and ultimately, the way you move. After having detailed the Lacrosse Ball Thoracic Spine mobilization, I thought it would be also important to talk about the Upper Trapezius mobilization with a Lacrosse Ball.The Upper Trapezius is a big muscle that helps to stabilize the shoulder blade when you lift things overhead, but also can end up compensating for shoulder stability. When this muscle gets too tight, it may contribute to what are called cervicogenic headaches and stress headaches. 

This mobilization helps to decrease tone in the upper trapezius: Find your collarbone and move towards the upper back to find it. This big muscle runs from the back of the head and neck, down to the top of your your shoulder blades. Place the lacrosse ball along the muscle, and put the ball up against the wall to put pressure on the Upper Trapezius. It’s very important to follow mobilization exercises like this with postural practice in order to help improve the movement pattern that caused an increase in tone or tightness of your Upper Trapezius.

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