Frequently Asked Questions

Your health insurance is as unique as you are.

Much like the approach we take to your Bespoke Physical Therapy Treatments, we recognize that your insurance needs the same level of detailed attention. We will work with your unique set of circumstances, considering your needs and reach a bespoke agreement for the care you deserve.


Q: Do I need a prescription before I come to see you?

A:  NY State allows ‘direct access’ which means you can come to bespoke treatments for any injury, movement dysfunction or pain that you may be experiencing without seeing a medical practitioner first. Depending upon the severity and complexity of your condition, you may be required to get a prescription from a doctor. We have an excellent network of professionals that we can refer you to.

Q: Do you take health insurance?

A: We accept all major health plans that have out-of-network benefits. If you are uncertain, we offer a complete insurance plan consultation before you schedule.

Q: How much will my Bespoke Treatment Cost? Is there a Copay?

A: Before your Bespoke Evaluation, we will gather all the demographic information that is needed for us to run a comprehensive review of your insurance plan, analyzing your benefits, and identifying any limitations. After verifying the current status of your plan, we’ll communicate your estimated coinsurance responsibility and reach agreement to ensure total transparency protecting us all from any unexpected costs along the way.

Q: Why is Bespoke Treatments out-of-network? I pay my insurance premiums – so shouldn’t I just see an in-network provider?

A: The low reimbursement rates and high costs of operation in NYC forces In-network providers of physical therapy to adopt a factory approach to treatment; patient overcrowding, provision delivered by unlicensed trainers, pt aides and unsupervised exercise with very limited attention from a PT. By opting out of the major networks, we are restricted by the number of patients that can use our service, but we can stay true to our treatment model.

We are proud to offer high levels of care customized to your goals and needs. Embracing the 1:1 model of care, all Bespoke locations schedule one hour patient visits exclusively with a licensed doctor of physical therapy. We know that quality care delivered in a thoughtful and attentive manner will get you better faster and with less frequency/volume of visits. As an out-of-network provider, we are choosing to see one patient at a time, allowing pain relief while addressing the imbalances, weaknesses and dysfunction that is the likely cause for the pain in the first place. The luxury of time allows for education and coaching  to empower our patients to reduce pain, build resilience and improve performance in the long term. This would simply not be possible under the constraints of in-network provision.

Q: I don’t have out-of-network benefits. Am I excluded from receiving Bespoke Treatments?

A: We see many patients who have a bespoke out of pocket payment plan that has been devised to match their bespoke treatment plan. We are happy to talk openly and honestly about what you need and how we can help you!