The boring but oh so very important detail

Your health insurance benefits are as unique as you.

It’s important to understand what your health insurance benefits offer, how they relate to your individual circumstances and the injury you are dealing with.  We are happy to work with each of our patient’s unique needs and reach a bespoke agreement before your Bespoke Treatment begins. We’ve compiled some FAQ’s to help explain this complicated process further.

Q: Do I need a prescription for physical therapy?

A: NY state has “direct access,” which means you can come to Bespoke Treatments for injury, movement dysfunction and pain without first seeing a medical practitioner. Depending on how many visits you’ll need, you may be required to go to your physician for a prescription. We have an excellent network of experts to help you with this.

Q: Can I use my health insurance?

A: It depends. We work with all major plans that have out-of-network benefits. (Oxford, Aetna, BCBS, United, Cigna) But, unfortunately our commitment to our treatment model means we cannot be in-network with any plans.

Q: What’s my co-pay going to be? How much is a Bespoke Treatment?

A: Before your first session at Bespoke Treatments, we will collect all the demographic information required to perform a complete review of your benefits, the current status and any limitations we may be working against. From this, we’ll determine an estimate of your deductible (if there is one) and coinsurance payment responsibility to ensure total transparency and to protect us all from unexpected costs.

Q: Why is bespoke treatments an out-of-network provider? I should just go to someone in-network…

We are proud to offer high levels of care, customized to your goals and needs. We know that quality care delivered in a thoughtful manner will get you better faster and with a lower volume of total visits. As an out-of-network provider, we are choosing to see one patient at a time, in a longer 1:1 session*, providing an extremely high level of patient care and ensuring successful treatment outcomes.

By opting out of the major insurance networks, we limit the amount of people who will come and see us, but we avoid the factory pt models that in-network operators are forced to adopt.

At Bespoke Treatments you will work one-on-one with an experienced, highly skilled, licensed physical therapist who cares about you, your treatment goals and empowering resilience, improved performance and longevity. You will have your therapist’s undivided attention for at least 60 minutes in a private treatment room, focusing on you and only you!

*What does one-to-one care mean?

Embracing the 1:1 model of care, all Bespoke locations schedule one hour patient visits entirely with a physical therapist. We have elected to avoid the industry standard of scheduling multiple patients per hour with unlicensed staff, or physical therapy assistants, participating in patient care. Bespoke only provides physical therapy services exclusively with physical therapists, not with assistants, aides, trainers or any other unlicensed staff.

Q: No out-of-network benefits…. Can I still have Bespoke Treatments manage my care?

A: We’ll talk to you about your options and about setting up payment plans that match treatment plans and subscriptions to suit your lifestyle and needs. We appreciate the effort it takes to invest in your health and we will do all we can to ensure the best possible set of circumstances to achieve your Physical Therapy goals.