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February 21

Turns out that sitting at a desk all day can actually ruin your butt

Turns out that sitting at a desk all day can actually ruin your butt Kelly O’Sullivan Jun. 10, 2016, 11:53 AM Getty Images If you work in an office, you probably don’t spend much time on your feet.Sitting at your desk for eight hours might be good for your career, but science says it’s bad…

February 21

Five Foam Rolling Exercises to Try Now

JULY 20, 2017 Five Foam Rolling Exercises to Try Now Chrissy Abram SHARE Do you feel your body instantly tense when you hear the words foam rolling? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Running, spinning, squats, we can do that. Our ego tells us, “we got this.” Then our eyes catch sight of the foam roller…

February 21


RECOVER TO PERFORM, WITH BESPOKE TREATMENTS In today’s go-go-go, always on society, it can often feel like a hassle to take time to recover and regenerate. What most people fail to realize, is that recovering the right way can effectively boost your performance in all areas. If anyone knows about the significance of recovery to enhance fitness progress, it’s Dan Giordano of Bespoke…

February 20

Should You See a Physical Therapist Even If You’re Not Injured?

Should You See a Physical Therapist Even If You’re Not Injured? Fitness|November 21, 2017| By  Amy Marturana Some people use physical therapy as preventive care. Here’s why—and if it’s worth it. Share via Pinterest Wavebreakmedia/Getty Images There’s a good chance you’ve never thought about visiting a physical therapist unless you had to. Most people don’t have…

February 20

Kill Back and Shoulder Pain With This Pre-Workout Stretch

Kill Back and Shoulder Pain With This Pre-Workout Stretch This will help you be more flexible for longer BY BEN RADDING JANUARY 8, 2018  All that working out is putting wear and tear on your body, and if you’re not stretching regularly, you’re asking for trouble. That’s why proper preparation and recovery are essential aspects of any…

February 20

The Who

The Who Published on Oct 29, 2017 SUBSCRIBE 11 Dan Giordano is the co-founder of Bespoke Treatments, a tailored physiotherapy company based out of New York. Dan has had extensive experience working in the health and sports science industry having worked with the USA Track & Field Team and professional athletes across disciplines. In this episode…

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February 20

The Ultimate Luxe and Quality Minded Physical Therapy Experience

Injuries are an unfortunate byproduct of exercising for fitness enthusiasts and dabblers alike. Figuring out how to recover properly can feel more challenging than enduring the original injury. Then when you hit up your local  physical therapy office, you feel more like you have entered a recovery factory than a place that can actually help you…

February 19

Foods That Fight Inflammation

Check out this GREAT article by Harvard Health Publishing – Harvard Medical School Harvard Women’s Health Watch Foods that fight inflammation Doctors are learning that one of the best ways to quell inflammation lies not in the medicine cabinet, but in the refrigerator. Updated: August 13, 2017 Published: June, 2014 Your immune system becomes…

September 29

The Anatomy of a Punch

The Anatomy of a Punch Throwing a punch is usually thought of as an upper body movement but it is actually full body movement that starts from the ground up. The force used to deliver a powerful punch begins from the feet – when we push into the ground, the ground pushes back into us,…

May 25

The Various Manual Therapies offered at Bespoke Treatments

Most physical therapists use a variety of manual therapies depending on the goal of treatment, patient pain level and their day-to-day presentation. Manual therapy can include any interventions the therapist performs on the patient while the patient is passive. Below you can learn a little about different manual therapy approaches used by therapists at Bespoke…

March 9

Beyond the Practice: Emily Lesinski

Here at Bespoke Treatments we understand the importance of community, but also understand that we can not effectively take part unless we value community from a smaller perspective, the individuals who make Bespoke the practice that it is. As part of, Beyond the Practice, we are excited to highlight the strengths and differences that each of our therapists and team members possess, and how they add value, and shape the culture here at Bespoke Treatments. We will continue to give you a better understanding of what drives our therapist's to deliver such exceptional service, how they participate within their own micro communities, and why they love everything that they do; helping you achieve your goals

March 2

Swerve Madness Recovery Workshop with Dan Giordano

Every March, Swerve Fitness hosts their annual Swerve Madness competition. Participants pick a partner and ride it out for a month long community challenge. Multiple categories mean more ways to score additional swerve points and rewards! If you’re attending most days this month,  with a particular goal in mind, you’ll need a particular method of recovery!  Dan…