Category: Kettlebell

July 24

Kettlebell RDL


July 20

Loaded Step Up

– Begin by holding a weight at chest height. – Step up to a high box keeping most of the weight on the leading foot.

July 20

Goblet Squat

– Begin by holding a weight in front of your chest. – Keep the knees aligned with the feet as you sit back into your hips to a comfortable depth. – Keep the back flat throughout.

July 20

Kettlebell Straight Leg Deadlift

– Begin with a shoulder width stance holding a kettle bell in front of you. – Keep the back flat as you hinge back into your hips. – Keep the shins vertical, and return to the starting position before back begins to round.

June 21

Single Leg Stability

Begin by standing on one foot with a slight bend in the knee and hip. Hold a kettlebell and try to quickly switch hands, rotate side to side, and bend forward and backward to challenge hip, knee, and ankle stability.

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March 2

Kettlebell Arm Bar


February 14

Kneeling Deadlift with Resistance Band

Add a weight to increase resistance

January 10

Deadlift and Goblet Squat Combination with Kettlebell

These movements help to improve hip extension and core stability when done properly. Keep the core tight and engaged through this motion. Allow your hips to hinge instead of bending through the lower back. Use your hips to stand up or return to an upright position in both movements.