Category: Rx: Injuries

February 23

Rx: Neck Pain

  [Background] The cervical spine is an area of your vertebral column commonly referred to as your neck. The cervical spine consists of 7 vertebrae that begin at base of the skull continue to your upper back. Between each vertebrae are vertebral discs that absorb shock between the bones. There are also ligaments and muscles…

February 10

Rx: Low Back Pain

Rx: Low Back Pain [Background] Low back muscle strains happen when there is an overload of poorly conditioned tissues, leading mild structural damage to the tissue which brings on pain, inflammation, loss of motion and difficulty with tasks such as standing, bending, lifting and squatting. While these tissues (muscles, ligaments, etc.) will heal with time,…

January 18

Rx: SI Joint Pain

Rx: SI Joint Pain   [Background] The SI joint is the junction between your Sacrum and ilium, which are located at the base of your spine – connecting the spine to the hips. It’s supported by a number of ligaments and muscle groups to maintain a strong closure. When pain develops in this region, it’s…

December 31

Rx: Hip Impingement

Rx: Hip Impingement [Background] Hip impingement is the sensation of pinching in the front side of the hip when you bring your knee up to your chest or out to the side. It is usually felt deep within the joint and may be accompanied with muscle soreness in the surrounding area. The formal term for…

December 16

Rx: Runner’s Knee

Have you ever walked onto a track or into training center and see runners aggressively foam rolling or stretching prior to jumping on the treadmill? There is a high probability that they are dealing with some sort of knee pain… most likely runner’s knee. Runner’s knee is a general term to include diffuse, non-specific pain…

December 5

Rx: Ankle Sprain

Today we’re going to take a look at the dreaded ankle sprain. There are a few different types, but the most common are: lateral inversion and high ankle sprains. [Mechanism of injury + affected tissues] A lateral inversion ankle sprain occurs when you roll your ankle outwards, usually after jumping and landing awkwardly or moving to…

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