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February 21

4 Simple Changes That Will Make Your Cold-Weather Workout More Enjoyable

4 Simple Changes That Will Make Your Cold-Weather Workout More Enjoyable These changes can make all the difference BY EMILY ABBATE DECEMBER 11, 2017 Maybe you’re spent from a night out with the guys or had a super long week at the office. Regardless of your why, getting to the gym or making it outside…

February 14

Banded Hip Drive

February 14

Kneeling Deadlift with Resistance Band

Add a weight to increase resistance

February 14

Landmine Single Leg Deadlift

knee slightly bent, back flat, core tight

February 14


Shoulders retracted as your shrug

February 14

Frog Bridges

feet together, push through heels as you raise your hips to the neutral spine position – do not hyperextend back

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February 7

Single Leg Runner’s Calf Raise with Half Foam Roller

Explode up onto the forefoot and you raise the heel simulating a sprinters technique

February 7

Shoulder External Rotation with Band

Shoulders retracted and depressed Elbows tight to side

February 7

Swiss Ball Side Plank

Core tight and shoulder blade back. Raise hips so your body is parallel to the floor. The key point here is to keep your body in the lateral plane without letting your body twist down towards the floor  

December 29

Shoulder Supported External Rotation

Sit with one leg straight and one leg bent. Hold a dumbbell, and rest your elbow on your knee. Begin with your arm perpendicular to the ground, then slowly lower the weight towards the ground. Try not to shrug the shoulders up throughout the movement.

December 28

Step Up with Rotation

Place on foot on a step or box with feet perpendicular. Keep knees tracking in direction of toes. Drive off of back and front leg  and rotate towards the up leg into a march. Return to start position resisting an inward collapse of the knees and feet.

December 28

Side Plank Clams

Clams are great for building lateral hip strength, but like all exercises they need to be progressed for increased challenge. Adding a side plank with rotation will target both hips. The bottom hip needs to stabilize while the top hip creates movement.