Category: Exercise

November 2

Serratus Pushups in High/Low Plank

There are three groups of muscles that need to function efficiently in order to help with proper overhead motion: your upper trapezius, lower trapezius, and serratus anterior. The serratus anterior is especially important in helping to stabilize your shoulder blade based on its attachments from your scapula to the lateral/anterior ribs. Working on stabilizing this…

October 25

Hamstring Lax Ball Mash

Mobility tip: Here is another way to perform self-assisted soft tissue mobilization on your hamstring. The lacrosse ball can be a very effective tool, as it allows you to pinpoint a more specific area. Perform small circles up/down the muscle belly. Once you feel a knot or an increase in pressure, maintain contact with the…

October 24

TFL Mobilization

The Tensor Fascia Latae is an important muscle in hip stabilization and hip extension. Mobilizing this with a lacrosse ball may help relieve hip, knee, or even lower back pain. – Find the TFL by locating your hip pointer and moving just outside of it; place the lacrosse ball there as you place it onto…

October 20

TRX Jump Squat

TRX Assisted Reverse Lunge: This is a great movement that can be used to help cue gluteus activation and reduce knee stress without fully loading the leg. Lunges are a great way to prepare the body for single leg loading and is a great strength movement for activities we do every day, like running and…

October 19


The cat-camel can reveal a lot about the health of your spine, as it is used to facilitate inter-segmental vertebral motion from flexion to extension. Although the movement may seem simple, attempting to dissociate the spine one vertebrae at a time requires a great deal of mobility and coordination. It is common for an individual…

October 17


If performed correctly, shoulder windmills can be an excellent way to address shoulder stability as well as thoracic spine mobility. A few key things to remember when performing the shoulder windmill:     Mobility requirements of shoulder, spine, and hips must be acquired before loading this drill. The movement should be engaged with a hip…

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October 12

Proper Posture.

Thoracic spine mobility is important in maintaining proper alignment for proper posture and optimal athletic performance. When the thoracic spine is not as mobile as it should be, it can lead to compensations which can end in injury in the long term, such as shoulder, neck, or even lower back pain.  The TRX is a…

October 10

The Lax Ball Smash

Self-mysofascial release is an excellent maintenance tool, and can play a huge role in your post-workout recovery routine. For runners, it is especially important to be sure that the bottom of the feet remain supple. The foot is composed of a series of intricate joints and ligaments, which are expected to   act as a…

October 7

Reverse Lunge

Single leg stability is very important in many daily movements, not limited to walking or running. Weakness in your hips can compromise this stability and lead to a potential overuse injury in the future, which could limit your ability to perform activities you love! These reverse lunges are important in emphasizing hip stability when stepping…

October 5

Scapular Retraction and Depression

Scapular retraction and depression are important movement patterns in maintaining proper posture and shoulder stability. Whether you are an olympic lifter or working at a desk for most of your workday, this movement pattern is very important.  When we see patients with a lot of neck or shoulder pain, their posture is usually the culprit.…

October 4

What Is In Your Warmup?

The Brooklyn Half Marathon is upon us! What’s in your warmup? The purpose of a warm-up should be more than general stretching and increasing body temperature. It should be purposeful, with the intention to challenge the muscles, ligaments, and tendons within the specific task they are about to perform. Here are a series of foot…

October 3

The Half Turkish Getup

The Half Turkish getup is an excellent way to assess/reinforce shoulder mobility/stability, as it places demands on the body in multiple developmental motor patterns. This movement is best taught to beginners by breaking the skill down into parts, to ensure the individual can execute the movement with proper mechanics. Here we have a demonstration of…