Category: Exercise

July 20

Ankle Plantarflexion Stretch

– Sit back onto the top your feet until you feel a tolerable stretch. – To increase the intensity, keep the toes pointed as you lift the knee.

July 20

Frontal Plane Leg Swings

– Place hands on wall for balance – Swing leg side to side keeping toes pointed straight ahead

June 21

Single Leg Stability

Begin by standing on one foot with a slight bend in the knee and hip. Hold a kettlebell and try to quickly switch hands, rotate side to side, and bend forward and backward to challenge hip, knee, and ankle stability.

June 21

Walking Lunge

With your feet together, lunge one foot forward and lower yourself stopping just before your knee touches the ground. Use the forward leg to push forward into a march position. Repeat with the other side, and continue for required repetitions.

June 21

Russian Twist

Sit on the floor with a slight trunk lean backwards. Lift feet off of the ground without arching your back. Twist through your trunk, touching the ground with each repetition.

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June 21

Marching Drill for Runners

Slowly march in place with the arms rotating as if you were running. Bring the knee to hip height with an upright trunk. Slowly alternate between legs maintaining a slow and steady cadence. Increase the challenge by coming up onto toes.

June 21

Hip Airplanes

Begin by standing one one leg with a slight bend in the hip and knee. With the other leg, reach back to balance on a stool or chair. With the arms extended overhead, drop one side of your hip towards the ground. Push through the heel to your hip back to the starting position.

June 21

Foam Roll Lateral Thigh

Begin by placing the foam roller on the thigh muscles, using your hands or elbows for stability. Rotate to the side so that the outside of your thigh is in contact with the foam roller. Find a tender spot, pause, then bent and extend the knee while keeping pressure on the muscle.

June 21

Single Leg Hip Hinge on Foam

Begin by standing on a foam pad with the foot, knee, and hip pointed straight ahead. Hinge the hips back and reach behind you while keeping your foot, knee, and hip pointed straight . Return to the starting position and lift the knee to hip height.

June 20

Standing High Pull