Category: Exercise

September 14

Glute Bridge Walkout / Hamstring Walkout with Band

Glute Bridge Walkout / Hamstring Walkout

September 7

Standing Hip Extension Drags

Begin with a resistance band placed around the ankles. Hold a foam roller for balance, hinge forward from the hips and kick one foot back landing on the toes. Stay on the toes as you extend your knee. Perform this movement without flexing or extending the spine.

September 7

Sitting Hip Flexion

Begin with a resistance band placed around both feet. Sit tall, and pull through the hip to lift the knee. Keep the posture tall throughout.

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August 29

Posterior Step Down


August 29

Ankle Mobilizations


August 29

Shoulder Pulleys


August 8

The Bench Press, Demystified

Fitness The Bench Press, Demystified Photo Illustration/Getty Images BY¬† EMILY ABBATE July 20, 2018 Dumbbells? Barbells? Flat? Incline?¬†Decline? Here’s everything you need to know about getting the “throne of the weight room” right every time. Whether you splurge for an eucalyptus towel-laden Equinox membership or are lucky enough to work out for free at the…
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