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August 8

The Bench Press, Demystified

Fitness The Bench Press, Demystified Photo Illustration/Getty Images BY¬† EMILY ABBATE July 20, 2018 Dumbbells? Barbells? Flat? Incline?¬†Decline? Here’s everything you need to know about getting the “throne of the weight room” right every time. Whether you splurge for an eucalyptus towel-laden Equinox membership or are lucky enough to work out for free at the…

July 26

Yoga Cool Down Flow


July 24

Kettlebell RDL


July 20

Frontal Plane Ankle Mobilization

– Place a band under the lateral ankle bone. – Let the band pull your ankle inward so that your arch drops. – Return to the starting position by lifting through the arch.

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July 20

Overhead Lunge

– Hold a weight plate above your head with your elbows straight and back flat. – Take a lunge stance, and slowly lower yourself straight down, keeping weight through the front foot.

July 20

Loaded Step Up

– Begin by holding a weight at chest height. – Step up to a high box keeping most of the weight on the leading foot.

July 20

Goblet Squat

– Begin by holding a weight in front of your chest. – Keep the knees aligned with the feet as you sit back into your hips to a comfortable depth. – Keep the back flat throughout.

July 20

Kettlebell Straight Leg Deadlift

– Begin with a shoulder width stance holding a kettle bell in front of you. – Keep the back flat as you hinge back into your hips. – Keep the shins vertical, and return to the starting position before back begins to round.

July 20

Side Plank with Hip Lifts

– Begin in a side plank with the back flat and hips extended. – Lift the hips slightly, hold, and return to starting position.

July 20

Ankle Plantarflexion Stretch

– Sit back onto the top your feet until you feel a tolerable stretch. – To increase the intensity, keep the toes pointed as you lift the knee.
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