The Bespoken Word

November 30

Single Arm Dumbbell Snatch, Clean, Press

Once proper shoulder range of motion and overhead strength is established, the single arm dumbbell muscle snatch is a great way to challenge shoulder stability in the later stages of rehab. This movement will teach the body to transfer power from the hip to the overhead position, reducing risk of injury for overhead athletes returning…

November 29

Bird Dog Progression

In our quest to return you to activity and kicking ass at what you love to do, we have to take an assessment, and depending on strength, we will give you a progression of exercises to work on in order to help restore your function. Sometimes, our core does not function properly because of poor posture…

November 28

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Breathing is a crucial part of how we function as human beings. We require oxygen in order for proper muscular and metabolic function and our diaphragm is the primary muscle in charge of facilitating the change in gases and helps to keep us moving. Changes in your posture and pain can alter the way you…

November 22

Single Leg Bridges

Think about it: When we walk or run, do we use both legs at the same time? We’d be hopping around like kangaroos otherwise, right? Most of our movement on a daily basis uses one side at a time, especially walking or running, and in most sports, as well. Training the body to be able…

November 10

Single Leg Squat with TRX.

When we walk and run, we use one leg at a time (unless you are a kangaroo). Making sure that your body is able to tolerate standing on one leg in a dynamic position is very important, especially when we are returning our patients to pain free activity or sport. This movement is important in establishing…

November 10

Lacrosse Ball Latissimus Dorsi Mobilization

We just talked about the Pectoralis Minor and Upper Trapezius and you’ve heard enough about posture from me. What’s next that would help your shoulder and neck, or even your upper back out?   Your Latissimus Dorsi; a big stabilizing muscle that runs from the shoulder blades down to the lower back. Limitations in this muscle…

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November 8

Cervical Deep Flexor Activation

The deep cervical neck flexors are important in helping to maintain posture and in supporting the head. Think about giving yourself a ‘double chin’ or flattening the curve at the back of the neck. When lifting the head, move the chin towards the chest.

November 4

Lacrosse Ball Thoracic Spine Mobilization

The Thoracic Spine is important in a multitude of motions, especially overhead motion and can be related to neck, shoulder and back pain if limited at any point. Functioning in a poor posture (like sitting at a desk or spending a lot of time at a computer, perhaps?) for long periods of time can move…

November 2

Serratus Pushups in High/Low Plank

There are three groups of muscles that need to function efficiently in order to help with proper overhead motion: your upper trapezius, lower trapezius, and serratus anterior. The serratus anterior is especially important in helping to stabilize your shoulder blade based on its attachments from your scapula to the lateral/anterior ribs. Working on stabilizing this…

October 25

Hamstring Lax Ball Mash

Mobility tip: Here is another way to perform self-assisted soft tissue mobilization on your hamstring. The lacrosse ball can be a very effective tool, as it allows you to pinpoint a more specific area. Perform small circles up/down the muscle belly. Once you feel a knot or an increase in pressure, maintain contact with the…

October 24

TFL Mobilization

The Tensor Fascia Latae is an important muscle in hip stabilization and hip extension. Mobilizing this with a lacrosse ball may help relieve hip, knee, or even lower back pain. – Find the TFL by locating your hip pointer and moving just outside of it; place the lacrosse ball there as you place it onto…

October 20

TRX Jump Squat

TRX Assisted Reverse Lunge: This is a great movement that can be used to help cue gluteus activation and reduce knee stress without fully loading the leg. Lunges are a great way to prepare the body for single leg loading and is a great strength movement for activities we do every day, like running and…