The Bespoken Word

December 28

Bulgarian Split Squat.

The Bulgarian Split Squat is a useful single leg exercise to address single leg strength, stability as well as hip extension flexibility on the opposite side. The split squat targets the rectus femoris, a hip flexor of the quad that is also involved with knee extension. Notice, as Katie descends the squat, her trail leg…

December 19

Half Kneeling KB Press

If you can’t already tell, we like core stability at Bespoke. The half kneeling kettlebell press is a challenging exercise which movement challenges three different muscle groups; the shoulder stabilizers, deep core stabilizers, and hip stabilizers. Even if you don’t work out pressing things overhead, this exercise can help you improve your core and hip…

December 15

Plank with Elbow and Shoulder Taps

Being able to hold a plank in a static position is one thing, but how often (other than sitting) are we staying still when we are trying to activate our core? Our core is the foundation of our strength, and when the muscles that help stabilize us are not able to do their job, that…

December 14

Sidelying KB Shoulder Stabilization

The kettle bell arm bar is another good mobility/stability drill that is beneficial for shoulder health. Moving in and out of position will facilitate spinal rotation, as well as open up the anterior structures in the chest/shoulder girdle. The asymmetrical placement of the weight on the back of the forearm will provide excellent stability/proprioception to…

December 12

Pallof Press + Rotation

Establishing a stable core is a priority for many individuals (and not just including athletes), because our core is the foundation from which our movement begins. This movement helps to activate the deep core stabilizers and your obliques, which help to keep your spine and lower back stable through rotational movements. Additionally, this variation helps…

December 9

Butterfly stretch PAIL’s/RAILs.

The butterfly stretch is an excellent way to target the hip adductors for those who have trouble opening up their hips. This video demonstration is an example of how we can increase range of motion using Progressive and Regressive Angular Isometric Loading (PAILs/RAILs). This stretching technique is unique in the sense that we reinforce the…

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December 8

Lunge Form

Lunging is an important movement and exercise that can carry over to our ability to walk and run. Since we don’t hop around like Kangaroos, our strength on one leg is important – and our form when performing this movement is also very important! When lunging forwards, it is important to think about our movement…

December 7

Serratus Pushups

The Serratus Anterior is important because it helps to stabilize the scapula (your shoulder blade) when the arm moves into an overhead position. Starting to strengthen these muscles in this position can be difficult, especially if scapular stability and control is limited, but will lead to improved overhead movement and decreases in pain. This is…

December 7

Dynamic Balance

For the elderly population, fall prevention drills should be an essential part of their treatment plan. After mastering single leg static balance, it’s time to get a little more dynamic. Here Katie has set up an obstacle course to challenge single leg dynamic balance. This has excellent carryover to real life scenarios, such as stepping…

December 5

Lacrosse Ball Upper Trapezius Mobilization

We talk a lot about posture here at the clinic, and how it affects your alignment and ultimately, the way you move. After having detailed the Lacrosse Ball Thoracic Spine mobilization, I thought it would be also important to talk about the Upper Trapezius mobilization with a Lacrosse Ball.The Upper Trapezius is a big muscle…

December 2

Finger AROM (Abduct/Extension/Adduct)

For post-operative patients looking to improve grip strength and dexterity, this is a great place to start. Here is an example of some basic active finger drills to get the hand moving properly again! Often times, the beginning stages of upper extremity post-operative care requires a period immobility in order to facilitate the recovery phase…

December 1

Single Leg Reach/Single Leg Deadlift

If you refer back to our Single Leg Squat with the TRX, we discuss the importance of the ability to stabilize the hip and leg when standing on one foot. Being able to perform movements like the single leg squat can contribute to an improved ability to stand on and push off on one leg.…