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June 14

Tips for anterior hip tightness:

As we know, prolonged sitting has many effects on the body, and so many people spend so many hours sitting! One common complaint is tightness and lack of mobility in the hips. When the body is positioned with the hips and knees at 90 degrees, the muscles in the front of the hip shorten and…

May 25

The Various Manual Therapies offered at Bespoke Treatments

Most physical therapists use a variety of manual therapies depending on the goal of treatment, patient pain level and their day-to-day presentation. Manual therapy can include any interventions the therapist performs on the patient while the patient is passive. Below you can learn a little about different manual therapy approaches used by therapists at Bespoke…

March 30

Foam Rolling for Recovery

Doctor of Physical Therapy Daniel Giordano demonstrates how to properly use your foam roller, for a full body warm up. 

March 9

Beyond the Practice: Emily Lesinski

Here at Bespoke Treatments we understand the importance of community, but also understand that we can not effectively take part unless we value community from a smaller perspective, the individuals who make Bespoke the practice that it is. As part of, Beyond the Practice, we are excited to highlight the strengths and differences that each of our therapists and team members possess, and how they add value, and shape the culture here at Bespoke Treatments. We will continue to give you a better understanding of what drives our therapist's to deliver such exceptional service, how they participate within their own micro communities, and why they love everything that they do; helping you achieve your goals

March 2

Swerve Madness Recovery Workshop with Dan Giordano

Every March, Swerve Fitness hosts their annual Swerve Madness competition. Participants pick a partner and ride it out for a month long community challenge. Multiple categories mean more ways to score additional swerve points and rewards! If you’re attending most days this month,  with a particular goal in mind, you’ll need a particular method of recovery!  Dan…

February 20

Bespoke Treatments X Nike NYC

Cultivating relationships within a community who values connection is what drives us here at Bespoke Treatments. To work in tandem with a company, like Nike, that facilities these community connections through run clubs, activities, and events is a partnership we're inspired by.  

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February 16

Jenna Langhans, Community Spotlight

Help celebrate those around us whom we feel inspired by. #StrongerTogether 

Jenna Langhans of BFX is a premier example of what it means to a positive community role model, and here at Bespoke Treatments we could not be prouder to see such growth in both an individual and physical capacity. 

February 6

TRX Squat holds and Hip/Ankle Mobility.

TRX Squat holds and Hip/Ankle Mobility Do you have trouble sitting into a squat and tend to force our knees forward to get our hips backward? That can be indicative of several things (which can be a story for another time) but is usually a result of our body not being comfortable in that range…

January 25

Banded Hip Stepping

As Katie discussed earlier this week, hip abductor/extensor strength is essential for single leg stability. Banded step exercises are an excellent way to address hip abductor/extensor weakness, as you are able to address multiple fibers of hip musculature through various sideways/diagonal angles. Note, the non-moving leg is doing a good deal of work as well,…

January 23

Pistol Squat.

Pistol Squats are an important single leg movement that requires core and hip stability in order to keep the trunk upright through the movement. Since our movement depends primarily on our ability to support ourselves on one leg and we don’t hop around like kangaroos, this can help to improve our movement in walking and…

January 18

Dumbbell Thrusters.

Dumbbell Thrusters are a good whole body exercise that targets the shoulders, core, and hips, which help to encourage power generation through the hips. Dividing the thruster into two movements makes it much simpler: a front squat into a push press. You’ll start with the weights perched on the front of your shoulders with your…

January 17

Whats Your Number?

How many hours per week are you spending on your phone? This week, @kharper369 decided to track the time spent in front of her screen, totaling to a whopping 14 hours and 38 minutes. That’s over half of a day, lost to her cell phone! What’s are the benefits of decreased screen time? Plenty, but…