The Bespoken Word

October 4

What Is In Your Warmup?

The Brooklyn Half Marathon is upon us! What’s in your warmup? The purpose of a warm-up should be more than general stretching and increasing body temperature. It should be purposeful, with the intention to challenge the muscles, ligaments, and tendons within the specific task they are about to perform. Here are a series of foot…

October 3

The Half Turkish Getup

The Half Turkish getup is an excellent way to assess/reinforce shoulder mobility/stability, as it places demands on the body in multiple developmental motor patterns. This movement is best taught to beginners by breaking the skill down into parts, to ensure the individual can execute the movement with proper mechanics. Here we have a demonstration of…

September 30

Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell (KB) swings are a great movement to help develop bilateral hip strength and power, and they are a fundamental movement in most high intensity workout classes. Here, @thematchfitphysio demonstrates a KB swing with optimal form. Start with both hands on a kettlebell and let it hang with your arms straight. To move the KB into…

September 27


We’re excited to team up with our friends at Swerve to offer you your first ride on us! We Ride in Teams Whether you come alone or with friends, the team dynamic will have you working harder, breaking barriers, and reaching your goals, together. We work our entire body Take on sprints, hills, and upper…

September 12


How can you unlock the power in your serve? Looking to hit an ace like Angelique? As the US Open is drawing to a close, we know you’re all inspired by the pros battling it out at Arthur Ashe stadium to extend your own personal summer season for as long as possible. We are all too familiar…

January 28

Bespoke Treatments X Wellthily X The Sweat Life

Photo from For those of us who read or follow The Sweat Life on their many platforms, we are used to watching Aly try out a multitude of boutique fitness classes across New York City. But what if we could try out a bunch of different classes ourselves? And what if we could do…

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November 6

Patient Spotlight: Alicia Reich

We are so proud to be able to support all of our patients in their active lifestyles while they recover, most recently those who completed the NYC Marathon. One of our patients, Alicia Reich, has been working with Shanté to recover from an ankle injury, and was able to complete her 5th NYC Marathon this year!…

November 4

Bespoke Treatments x Sweat Life

We are so honored to be featured in @sweatlife_nyc ‘Road to Recovery’ week and are proud to be considered an integral part of Aly’s active lifestyle. We share the same philosophy of empowering our community to live a healthy, happy and balanced life. Click the video below to find out how Bespoke Treatments assesses our…

November 2

Bespoke Treatments x Bella NYC

One of our very own patients felt so strongly about her treatment with Bespoke Treatments that she decided to feature her experience in the online edition of Bella NYC Magazine! We are delighted that you decided to put your faith back in to the physical therapy process and trust Bespoke Treatments to be the providers…

November 2

Bespoke Treatments x II

You Beauty’s Leah Prinzivalli investigates if you should actually work out every day, and asked Dan Giordano to weigh in on the debate. About With 1.2 million monthly unique visitors (comScore, June 2015), YouBeauty is the go-to website for smart, energetic women who crave engaging editorial on beauty, wellness, and healthy living.

October 9

Bespoke Treatments x

Who said great posture and fashion can’t go hand in hand this Fall!? It certainly wasn’t Bespoke Treatments’ very own Dan Giordano who helped contribute to the by advising on the benefits of wearing a back pack instead of a single strap over the shoulder number. “There is a solution, according to Daniel Giordano,…

August 22

Incase you were wondering about the ‘Plica’…….

What is a Plica? A plica is a fold of synovial membrane most commonly in the anteromedial aspect of the knee. Plica are present in about 50% of the population and are thought to be the remnants of embryonic connective tissue that failed to fully resorb during your foetal development. Luckily, most plicae are asymptomatic.…