The Bespoken Word

December 31

Walkout to Shoulder Taps and Hip Openers

These walkouts are a great way to stretch the body before a workout. Start by rolling down slowly (stretching your hamstrings as you roll down) and walk out to full plank. Tap into the core with stability shoulder taps making sure not to rock the hips, and then perform 2 hip openers reaching to the…

December 31

Kettlebell Reverse Lunge with Twist and March

These weighted reverse lunges are great for building leg and gluteal strength while also testing your balance. T hink of these moves in 4 parts: 1. Reverse lunge, 2. Torso rotation (to the front leg), 3. Return torso to center position, 4. Drive through front heel to single leg stand. Helpful Tips: Don’t lean back…

December 31

Racked Squat to Straight Legged Deadlift

This racked squat to deadlift is a compound movement that works the legs, gluteals, hamstrings, and back. Squat: Start with feet shoulder distance apart, send the weight back into your heels and sit down like you’re sitting in a chair. Push through the heels and butt back to standing position. Deadlift: A deadlift is a…

December 31

Adductor Foam Roll Release

Use this technique to release the adductor or inner thigh muscles. While laying stomach down and propped on your forearms, open your hip out over the foam roller (aligned the long way and parallel to your body and perpendicular to your thigh). Roll up and down the thigh searching for a tight or tense spot.…

December 31

Adductor Ball Squeeze

This is an entry-level adductor exercise to help with hip strength and stability. Place the ball in between your knees while laying on your back with your knees bent. Squeeze the ball for 2 seconds and release slowly.

December 31

Scaption with Isometric Holds

This scaption exercise is a progression to a regular scaption exercise that includes a hold with the non-working arm. Choose a weight that you can perform 15 scaptions with on each arm. Hold both arms at the top of a scaption exercise, which is at shoulders height.

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December 31

Tactical Frog Hip Opener

This is a great dynamic hip opener. To perform, rock back and forth, pushing against the floor with your arms to maintain abdominal tension. Turn your foot out after several rocks to add hip internal rotation. Make sure not to rotate your foot too far out so that you begin to hip hike on your…

December 31

Pectoralis Major Stretch

This is a self-stretch for the pectorals major, which can also help with forward rounded shoulders. To perform, pin your forearm, including your elbow, up against the wall or a door way. Next, step forward while maintaining an upright spine until you feel a stretch in your chest. Turn your breastbone or sternum away from…

December 31

Copenhagen Adduction Exercise

This is an advanced adductor exercise that has been shown in research to prevent groin injuries in FIFA soccer players. To perform, go into a side plank and prop your upper leg on top of a bench or plyobox. While maintaining alignment in the side plank, lift the lower leg slowly up and down. Increase…

December 31

Kettlebell Halo in Half-Kneeling

The kettle bell halo in half kneeling is a great exercise for shoulder, scapular, and trunk stability. Grab a moderate weight kettle bell and hold it upside down by the handles with both hands in front of your face. Next, take it around your head by “stamping” it behind you, then below you, then back…

December 31

Upper Trapezius Lacrosse Ball Release

This is a technique to relieve tension and pain in the upper shoulder. Take a lacrosse ball and pin it against the wall. Find a tight or painful spot and roll back and forth into it for 10-30 seconds or until the tension or pain relieves.

December 31

Plank to Toe Touch

Begin in a push up plank position with your back flat and ribcage pulled down. Maintain this position as your reach forward, and then down towards your toes. Repeat on opposite side.