The Bespoken Word

December 29

Forward T with Hip External Rotation

Set up: Engage deep core and abdominal wall  with shoulders drawn back and down. Lead with a hip hinge, and once you’re in your forward T position, rotate open, then close draw yourself back up. Helpful Hints: Engage core and pull up from pelvic floor throughout movement Go slowly – do not just pass through…

December 28

Single leg Deadlift with KB (with half moon foam roller)

This is an advanced version of the single leg deadlift with a half foam roller that will test your balance and stability. Set up: engage deep core and abdominal wall, keep shoulder blades squeezed down and together, hinge through hips, one leg travels with the upper body. Helpful Hints: 3 points of contact through standing…

December 28

Forward T with Kettlebell

By using a kettlebell, you force the body to adjust how it stabilizes through the hip as you add and subtract weight. Engage deep core and abdominal wall with your shoulder blades squeezed down and together. Hinge through hips, and lower with the KB, set it down, return to stand and then lower to retrieve…

December 28

Standing Closed Chain Hip Rotation

Place hands across shoulders, and stand on one leg with feet pointing forward and pelvis level. Use the grounded foot and hip to rotate your entire body to one side as far as tolerable. Reverse the movement using the muscle of the foot and hip.

December 28

Step Up with Rotation

Place on foot on a step or box with feet perpendicular. Keep knees tracking in direction of toes. Drive off of back and front leg  and rotate towards the up leg into a march. Return to start position resisting an inward collapse of the knees and feet.

December 28

Lateral Stepping – Ankle Emphasis

Place band around toes and widen stance in order to place tension on band. Externally rotate hips and stay active with feet in order to prevent foot and knee collapse inward. Take small steps out to the side maintaining tension on the band entire time.

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December 28

Wall Slides with Shoulder External Rotation

Sit with legs crossed and back flat against a wall. Bring your arms out along wall to shoulder height. Externally rotate until forearm is flat against wall, then reach up towards ceiling maintaining contact with wall. Return to starting position while keeping contact with wall.

December 28

Quadriceps Runner’s Stretch

Stand tall with your ribcage pulled down and hips slightly posteriorly tilted. Grab your same side ankle and pull your hip towards slight extension. Try not to arch your low back during this movement.

December 28

Hip Opener – Pigeon Stretch

Begin in a lunge position with both hands on the inside of your front leg. Slowly bring your shin to the ground and in line with your hands, with a 90 degree bend in the knee. Let the hips drop towards the floor. Modify by placing the front leg on an elevated surface.

December 28

Single Leg Wall Squat

Stand parallel to wall and lift closest foot off of ground. Drive shoulder into the wall by contracting hip muscles. Keep shoulder drive while sliding down wall into squat.

December 28

Hamstring Dynamic Warm-Up

Maintain a slight bent in the knees, and place one foot forward with the toes pulled up. Hinge back at the hips as you reach down and forward to stretch the hamstrings.

December 28

Farmer’s Walk – Asymmetrical

Deadlift the two kettlbells into standing position. Keep trunk braced and stand with shoulders pulled back. Walk forward keeping a straight and tall posture, resisting the tendency for the weight to pull you off balance.