The Bespoken Word

December 29

Banded Hip Extension

Stand with one foot looped around a band attached to an anchor. Without hyper extending lower back, kick your foot behind slightly backward. Control the movement back to the starting position.

December 29

Sit to Stand

Stand facing away from a chair or box. Make sure you can feel the chair on the back of your knees. Sit back with your hips with control to the box. If necessary, use your arms to assist standing by pushing off of thighs or arm rests.

December 29

Standing Hip Hinge

Keeping pelvis level while standing on one leg, reach back with your foot by hinging at your hips. Keep the back flat and hip level as you return to the starting position.

December 29

Standing Hip Abduction – Band Under Forefoot

Begin by looping band on one foot. Step on the other end of the band with the ball of your foot. Slightly bent hip and knee, and slowly extend the foot out to the side and back.

December 29

Cat Camel Core Stabilization Progression

Begin in quadruped position with heels lifted off of ground. Pull pelvis under as you flex round your back and exhale. At the top of the movement, slightly lift hand off of ground.

December 29

Core Stabilization with Wall Brace

This move is used to stabilize/strengthen the core. Pull the ribcage down and push into the wall with your hands. Keep the trunk engaged as you lightly tap your heel to the ground.

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December 29

Core Activation with Wall

Begin with forearms vertical and flat against wall. Tilt your pelvis underneath you, pull your ribcage down, and press into the wall with the forearms.  

December 29

Single Leg Reach on Foam Roller

Stand on a foam roller with a slight bend in knee and hip. Hinge back with the hips, lightly tapping the floor while keeping your pelvis level and back flat.

December 29

Bridge with March on Foam Roller

Begin by placing both heels on foam roller. Bridge your hips, and keep your pelvis level while you march slowly in place.

December 29

Single Leg Diagonal Reach on Foam Roll

Stand on a half foam roller with a slight bent in the knee and hip. Keeping the knee in line with the foot, reach back with your other leg at angle, lightly tapping the floor. Control the movement as you return to the starting position.

December 29

Shoulder Supported External Rotation

Sit with one leg straight and one leg bent. Hold a dumbbell, and rest your elbow on your knee. Begin with your arm perpendicular to the ground, then slowly lower the weight towards the ground. Try not to shrug the shoulders up throughout the movement.

December 29

Adductor Lift Off

Lie on your side with your top leg bent and foot firmly planted on the side. Straighten the bottom leg, and lift as high as tolerable. Hold, and slowly lower back to ground. Repeat for prescribed sets and repetitions.