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February 19

Foods That Fight Inflammation

Check out this GREAT article by Harvard Health Publishing – Harvard Medical School Harvard Women’s Health Watch Foods that fight inflammation Doctors are learning that one of the best ways to quell inflammation lies not in the medicine cabinet, but in the refrigerator. Updated: August 13, 2017 Published: June, 2014 Your immune system becomes…

February 14

Banded Hip Drive

February 14

Kneeling Deadlift with Resistance Band

Add a weight to increase resistance

February 14

Landmine Single Leg Deadlift

knee slightly bent, back flat, core tight

February 14


Shoulders retracted as your shrug

February 14

Frog Bridges

feet together, push through heels as you raise your hips to the neutral spine position – do not hyperextend back

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February 14

Foam Roll Hamstring

roll up and down & side to side for 30 seconds

February 7

Single Leg Runner’s Calf Raise with Half Foam Roller

Explode up onto the forefoot and you raise the heel simulating a sprinters technique

February 7

Shoulder External Rotation with Band

Shoulders retracted and depressed Elbows tight to side

February 7

Swiss Ball Side Plank

Core tight and shoulder blade back. Raise hips so your body is parallel to the floor. The key point here is to keep your body in the lateral plane without letting your body twist down towards the floor  

January 12

Quad Release with Foam Roller

Begin on your elbows with the foam roller under your thigh. Find a tender point, and slowly roll up and down, side to side, or remain stationary.

January 12

Front Plank

Begin in quadruped position on elbows with shoulders above elbows. Straighten the legs and keep the low back from extending by contracting the core muscles.
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