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The 33 Best Fitness Instagram Accounts To Follow For Major Motivation


The 33 Best Fitness Instagram Accounts To Follow For Major Motivation

If scrolling Instagram were a workout, I’d be a master trainer.

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Instagram is a primo place to find drool-worthy food photos, adorable videos of dogs wearing winter coats, and pics on pics on pics of your celeb crush doing their thing. It’s also a total jackpot of fitness advice, workout motivation, healthy living tips, plus all kinds of workouts (from HIIT, to cardio, to strength training, and everything in between).

In fact, there are so many awesome trainers, athletes, fitness models, and instructors on Instagram dishing out badass content. Each offers their own unique fitness flavor—whether they’re hardcore weight-lifters or zen yogis—and are dedicated to delivering useful content for their followers. So if you’re ready to upgrade your social media with an extra boost of inspiration, the only question that remains is which fitness Instagrams are worth hitting “follow.”

1Lauren Kanski

Whether you’re in the market for proper Turkish Get-Up technique, or a functional workout you can do at the gym, stat—Lauren’s Instagram has you covered. She’s a certified personal trainer at Performix House and a nutrition coach. (She’s also on the workout app Ladder, in case you want one-on-one personal training from afar.)

2Training With T

In addition to demo-ing badass workouts on her feed, Tatiana Lampa focuses on corrective exercise—which is designed to help you stay pain- and injury-free, while building functional strength. Her feed also features some cute fitness modeling shots, and pics from her daily life.

3Judine St. Gerard

As a Tone House trainer, Judine is a total beast in the gym—and you’ll definitely soak up some workout motivation by scrolling through her feed. She regularly demos impressive strength training moves, but also breaks them down so you can try them at your own gym.

4Kayla Itsines

The iconic founder of BBG is definitely worth a follow. Kayla just launched new programs on her Sweat App: BBG Beginner and Post-Pregnancy, designed to help new mamas get back into their fitness routine. She demos samples of these workouts on her feed, in addition to classic BBG routines. Kayla also regularly shares before/after photos of fans who have followed her BBG programming, with impressive results to show for it.

(Check out this full pregnancy workout from Kayla.)

5The Healthy Hustle

Add a little dose of sunshine to your feed with Emily Fayette’s “The Healthy Hustle” page. While she doesn’t post a ton of strict workout content, Emily offers ample fitness motivation and a peek into her life as a competitive runner and trainer at Flywheel and NeoU Fitness.

(Try Emily’s lower abs workout for Women’s Health.)

6Charlee Atkins

If you’re looking for workouts you can do anywhere, quick moves to squeeze in at any time, or mobility exercises to help you recover, this trainer and SoulCycle instructor has your back (and butt and arms and abs!).

(Catch Charlee in our 30-Day Fitness Challenge videos.)

7Alex Silver-Fagan

Along with posting killer kettlebell workouts and photos of beautiful yoga poses around the world, Alex writes thoughtful captions about mental health and balance. She often reveals her relatable struggles about her relationship with food and her body, a great reminder that you’re not alone in the ups and downs of fitness—or life.

8Bespoke Treatments

Learn to move better—and avoid injuries—by following this physical therapy Instagram. You’ll see strength moves for runners, foam rolling techniques, muscle activation drills, and so much more. Two physical therapists and trainers who work there deserve a follow, too: @cameron_yuen and @dangiordanodpt.

9Morit Summers

Almost every one of Morit’s posts features a full-on workout, complete with videos, reps, sets. Between those workout posts, she shares her personal journey with fitness, too.

10Anna Kaiser

It’s hard to find a trainer with more energy than Anna! Her smile is contagious, as is her fierce, cheerful attitude. Follow her for eating and exercise tips—and all-around good vibes.

11Achieve Fitness

The fit duo, Lauren and Jason Pak run this form-focused fitness Instagram. Don’t know how to nail a deadlift? Feeling squats in your lower back? They’ll teach you how to do it all properly, so you can see results—not injuries.

12Hannah Davis

Whether it’s a sandbag circuit or a cardio conditioning, Hannah offers tons of mini workouts. She’ll also pose questions to her followers (about their fave workouts, their biggest struggle with fitness, etc), then provides tons of helpful insight and healthy lifestyle tips in return. “Focus on the process rather than on your end goal. You’ll be happier and more present each day,” she wrote in one post.

(Check out her awesome advice on how to build muscle.)

13Holly Rilinger

You’ll find tons of workout advice and fitspo on Holly’s page, including quick routines and exercise suggestions. She also dishes real talk, like when she described her near-death experience by assault bike and what she learned in 2018.

14Idalis Velazquez

“Strength over the scale.” That’s how Idalis approaches fitness, and it comes across in the workouts she shares with followers. You’ll get a mix of routines from Idalis on her feed: cardio, circuit workouts, bodyweight strength training, HIIT, and more.

15Roz the Diva

A little humor, a lot of lifting, and some pole exercises are on the line-up if you follow this trainer. Her posts will definitely make you smile, and maybe even inspire you to take a pole dancing class (not an easy feat!).

16Jess Movold

I challenge you to go to Jess’ IG, view her posts, and not feel inspired to run a few miles. Girl knows how to crush races and promote her clients’ progress—and you’ll immediately want to follow her footsteps.

17Jeannette Jenkins

Partner workouts, badass moves, smoothie recipes, boosts of confidence—you’ll get it all from the Hollywood Trainer. Follow along and you’ll instantly feel inspired to try her fun, creative moves.

18Kaisa Keranan

This strong woman’s moves are INSANE! She shows off tons of awesome workouts that mix up equipment (think bodyweight, barbells, resistance bands, chairs, even toilet paper!) and makes each exercise look easy with a smile on her face.


I know what you’re thinking: another shout out to CrossFit? But hear me out, because this page is extra inspiring! It’s not all about the WODs or heavy lifts (though you’ll see those too); the posts focus more on sharing members’ successes. And you’ll spot a mix of ages, sizes, and races nailing their goals.

20Joe Holder

Joe, who trains models like Naomi Campbell, gives lots of technical training advice in his Instagram Stories. He’ll show you better ways to train your core, how to reach your full athletic potential, and the importance of ~smarter~ workouts. His fitness Instagram will likely inspire you to eat more plants, too.

21Kelsey Wells

Six-pack abs and chiseled arms might draw you to her page, hoping to find out what she does to stay so ripped. Lucky for you, she reveals a lot of effective workout moves and routines, so you can do the same at home.

22Kira Stokes

Kira is incredibly fit, and she often shows advanced exercises on her page, but her focus on form and workout motivation tips will help you mimic her movements without injury. She also does her workouts all over (at home, on vacation, in the gym), so you have plenty of material to choose from, no matter where you’re looking to train.

23Kirsty Godso

Consider Kirsty your go-to HIIT trainer (she’s a Nike Master Trainer). She’ll show you some crazy intense combos to try at home, whether they involve your bodyweight or cardio equipment like the rower, ski erg, bike—or all three.

24Noam Tamir

Mobility exercises and strength training fill this NYC trainer’s feed. He shares the routines he does with clients, along with how he keeps himself in top shape.

25Rebecca Kennedy

This Peloton Tread instructor often shares the workouts she created for the Peloton app. And she offers insight into the workouts she does on her own, including how she stays active on vacation. (Hint: It doesn’t include the gym but rather a lot of adventuring.)

26Robin Arzon

Another Peloton instructor, Robin Arzon has a great fitness-focused Instagram that leads you through bike rides and treadmill runs. She offers lots of words of wisdom, too: “You woke up today. Might as well be a badass.”

27Rachel Mariotti

Fitness requires a stable mind as much as it does a strong body. Rachel Mariotti recognizes this—and talks about it often. In addition to the solid workouts she shares, Mariotti also talks about what she does to keep her mind sharp. Good thing she has a master’s degree in psychology!

28Sara Haley

This mom and trainer shares routines and challenges for her followers, giving extra advice for moms-to-be and post-natal mamas. She also shares the struggles (and successes) of momhood. In other words, she’s a great person to have on your feed if you’re looking to stay active pre- or post-pregnancy.

29Shauna Harrison, PhD

This Johns Hopkins professor performs yoga poses all over, adding uplifting captions to each pic she posts. Take a look, then make sure you read for tidbits like: “We get to try again. It doesn’t matter what happened last year, last month, last week or yesterday. Today we get to try again.”

30Simone De La Rue

Owner and CEO of the workout brand, Body by Simone, this new mama has been posting lots of mom-friendly workouts lately. Even if you’re don’t have a kiddo, though, you’ll find her effective moves and positive energy captivating enough to follow along.

(Check out Simone’s 20-minute bodyweight workout.)

31Anna Victoria

Anna’s energy is totally infectious, and her Instagram feed is filled with a mix of workouts for just about every body part. She also shares tons of inspiring before and after photos from women who have used her Fit Body App program, along with her own transformation photos.

32Emily Skye

Emily Skye is a badass Aussie trainer who isn’t afraid to get real with her followers on Instagram. Skye created the FIT Program, and personally followed it to get stronger post-pregnancy. She’s been super honest about her ups and downs during her fitness journey—and those down-to-earth posts, plus her fit tips, are totally worth a follow.

(Check out Emily Skye’s fave core moves.)

33Bree Koegel

Trainer, fitness model, and workout instructor Bree Branker has one of the cutest fitness Instagram accounts around. She shares fun energetic posts about her life as a trainer in the city—including snaps of her fitness community and videos of workouts you can do at home.

Not to mention, her adorable pup makes frequent appearances, as does hubby @cjkoegel who’s also worth a follow. (In fact, Women’s Health and Men’s Health named them the top power couple of 2018.)

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