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Fit Men Confess Their Unhealthiest Habits

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Fit Men Confess Their Unhealthiest Habits

Ripped Guys Reveal The Unhealthy Foods They Fall Victim To

If you know a guy that likes to work out, snatch his cell phone, punch into his Instagram and scroll through his feed. This is what you’ll find: sports, sponsored posts about protein powder, a few marginally-dressed “Insta-models” and yes — other fit guys. Because, yes, guys need fitspiration too.

These six-pack laden social celebs, oftentimes certified trainers who somehow never know where their shirts are, offer up everything from workout tips to healthy eating suggestions. But not pictured in a perfectly-filtered, eloquently-captioned post are the imperfections. “Fitfluencers” are just like the rest of us. They’ve got vices too, just less body fat. As it turns out, lots of those completely shredded gym rats have a sweet tooth and they too fall victim to snacking, binging and even pounding caffeine-spiked energy drinks.

Here, we talked to five fitness pros to confess there unhealthiest habits. And if you’re struggling too, there’s some advice on how to get back on track.

Confession: I Don’t Sleep

– Dan Giordano, 32, DPT, CSCS, and Co-Founder of Bespoke Treatments

The Fail: “I have a very hard time shutting down my brain at the EOD.”

The Fix: “Recently I took a WimHof Method seminar with our entire team at Bespoke Treatments. His methods have taught me how to promote relaxation via breathing. Since the seminar, I have been incorporating his breathing methods into my nightly routine and I have already noticed a change in my sleeping patterns. I have had deeper non-interrupted sleep which has led to more deep focused productive mornings.”

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Confession: Chocolate Is My Frenemy

– Justin Norris, 28, owner of LIT Method

The Fail: “Late night sweets are my kryptonite. Especially chocolate chip cookies! No matter what I have one (sometimes three) chocolate chip(s) cookie a week.”

The Fix: “While there’s no fix necessarily, I will say that I live my life with the 80/20 rule,” Norris says. “If I’m healthy 80 percent of the time I don’t feel bad about slacking on the other 20 percent.”

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Confession: Sometimes I Forget About Me

– Ariel Foxie, 28, S10 and Nike trainer

The Fail: “As someone working in the health and fitness world, I’ve become hyper-aware of the physical body which in return has my emotional wellness and mental health taking the backseat. This has culminated in low self esteem, self animosity, and anxiety in social surroundings in my day to day life,” he says.

The Fix: “My usual quick fixes for this look something like pancakes on the 1st and the 30th of the month (and all days in-between), binge watching Netflix, or late night trolling on social media (admit it, we’ve all been there). But admittedly, it still doesn’t combat or balance the issue. So, lately I’ve been working on a self-care routine that creates balance within my mind, body, and soul. Practicing mindfulness and meditation to better understand the quality of my thoughts and fine tune my emotional intelligence. Active practices like yoga that incorporate both the fitness and spiritual experience. Even booking a massage treatment that not only restores sore muscles and fascia but also opens the in body feeling centers with active touch.”

Confession: I Can’t Put Down The Energy Drinks

– Andrew Connor, 29, Global Sports Marketing & Athlete Manager for Reebok

The Fail: “I consume an insane amount of energy drinks,” he confesses. “Usually a 5-Hour Energy shot when I wake up, and on average three to four Red Bulls throughout the day.”

The Fix: “I make a strong emphasis on constantly drinking water throughout the day,” he says.” Similar to the a-glass-of-water-for-every-beer method when you’re at the bar. For every Red Bull, I drink two glasses of water.  In a weird way this keeps me hydrated and helps me get to the gym when I need it the most. Let it be noted: Sugar-free is my go-to.”

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Confession: My Sweet Tooth Wins… Every Time

– Joe Holder, 27, health consultant and Nike trainer

The Fail: “This sweet tooth.”

The Fix: “I make sure to sleep, as it has a direct effect on desire to overeat and indulge in sweets,” he says. “However if you’ve got a strong slice of apple pie, I’m definitely not going to say no.”

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