The Bespoken Word

Jenna Langhans, Community Spotlight


As the ambassadors in our community continue to grow we are encouraged to do the same. Using their platforms to shift industry energy and conversation, we are excited to use this series as a means to highlight excellence amongst the people that inspire us! 

Jenna Langhans of BFX is a premier example of what it means to a positive community role model, and here at Bespoke Treatments we could not be prouder to see such growth in both an individual and physical capacity. 

Instructor Jenna Langhans of BFX can be found smiling as often as she is instructing

Jenna moved to New York while pursuing a career in dance and found fitness to be the perfect compliment to her existing routine. Jenna taught her dance class and worked the front desk at BFX but her trajectory was subject to change as she became interested in teaching more at BFX, where you can now take her Barre, Burn, and Build class, she’s a triple threat! 

If you’ve met Jenna, you know how contagious her smile can be, she lights up a room (not just the one she teaches in) and her energy is as effective as her programming. 

She feels strongly for the people fitness has introduced her to, and means it when she says she really has a #FITFAM that she couldn’t live without! 

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