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TRX Squat holds and Hip/Ankle Mobility.


TRX Squat holds and Hip/Ankle Mobility

Do you have trouble sitting into a squat and tend to force our knees forward to get our hips backward? That can be indicative of several things (which can be a story for another time) but is usually a result of our body not being comfortable in that range of motion. If you can lie on your back and hug your knees to your chest but can’t sit into a deep squat, your brain is essentially holding you back from getting into that position. Why? It could be one of several things: Your body doesn’t feel stable or comfortable due to lack of strength, or you are lacking the ability to get low because of lack of range of motion in your knees or ankles.

To develop being comfortable ‘in the hole’ and encourage hip, knee, and ankle mobility, we can use the TRX to help assist us in descending into the bottom of the squat. Use the handles here to keep your chest up and avoid arching or rounding out your lower back as you sit down into your heels.

Get comfortable here, and be okay with shifting your weight back and forth through through both hips, knees and ankles – Take a look at some of our other videos that help with hip stability in order to help reinforce this new range of motion, like the hip banded walks, or the banded bridges.

If you have a prior history of injuries at the hips, knees, ankle, or spine, be careful with this movement as this might aggravate some pain. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions!

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