The Bespoken Word

Banded Hip Stepping


As Katie discussed earlier this week, hip abductor/extensor strength is essential for single leg stability. Banded step exercises are an excellent way to address hip abductor/extensor weakness, as you are able to address multiple fibers of hip musculature through various sideways/diagonal angles. Note, the non-moving leg is doing a good deal of work as well, as it is providing stability to the system throughout the exercise. This exercise would make a quality warmup, especially when combined with side plank clamshells (scroll down for more details)!

Tips for setup:
1. Place band at ankles, with a slight bend in the knee, and hips slightly down and back
2. Try to keep foot facing forward, stepping sideways, then back/diagonal
3. You should be feeling this on the back side of your hip, if not, adjust foot angle accordingly

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