The Bespoken Word

Pistol Squat.


Pistol Squats are an important single leg movement that requires core and hip stability in order to keep the trunk upright through the movement. Since our movement depends primarily on our ability to support ourselves on one leg and we don’t hop around like kangaroos, this can help to improve our movement in walking and running sports. 
You can start seated from a bench or chair (make sure it won’t go anywhere!) and put your hands out in front of you with your elbows straight. Bend at your waist and reach forward with your hands a little bit, and push through your heel and your butt at the same time to help yourself stand up. 

To return to the starting position, bend at the hips (keep your core engaged!) and reach back for the bench/chair with your butt and keep the arms out in front of you. Avoid letting your knee drop inwards towards the other knee! If sitting down proves difficult, you can always work on just standing up from the seated position. 

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