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Dumbbell Thrusters.


Dumbbell Thrusters are a good whole body exercise that targets the shoulders, core, and hips, which help to encourage power generation through the hips. Dividing the thruster into two movements makes it much simpler: a front squat into a push press.
You’ll start with the weights perched on the front of your shoulders with your elbows up in front of you, making a little ‘shelf’ between your arms.

–   Sit into a front squat, keeping your core engaged (belly button into the spine!)
–   At the bottom of your squat, drive through your heels in an explosive motion to bring yourself back to standing
–   Use the momentum from standing up and push the weight overhead
–   Control the weights as they come back down and let them fall right onto the shoulder
Squat and shoulder mobility are very important here, as limitations in either can limit your ability to perform this movement. Take a look at our other videos including shoulder and hip mobility, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us @bespoketreatments with any questions about this movement or issues you may have!

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