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Whats Your Number?


How many hours per week are you spending on your phone? This week, @kharper369 decided to track the time spent in front of her screen, totaling to a whopping 14 hours and 38 minutes. That’s over half of a day, lost to her cell phone!

What’s are the benefits of decreased screen time? Plenty, but today we will address how cell phone usage can negatively affect posture. Here, Marc is demonstrating a typical human operating a cell phone. Note his shoulders are rounded forward, he is slouching, and his head is jutted forward. This is the classic look of “upper crossed syndrome”, which is generally associated with shortened anterior chest, sub occipital, and sternocleidomastoid musculature as well as lengthened/weak posterior back, posterior shoulder, and anterior cervical musculature.


We know habits are tough to change, but imagine the postural potential if you cut back on the cell phone! Looking to improve your posture? Give Bespoke Treatments a call for an assessment!

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