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Lacrosse Ball Thoracic Spine Mobilization


The Thoracic Spine is important in a multitude of motions, especially overhead motion and can be related to neck, shoulder and back pain if limited at any point. Functioning in a poor posture (like sitting at a desk or spending a lot of time at a computer, perhaps?) for long periods of time can move the thoracic spine into flexion (from slouching) and limit its mobility.

How do we fix that? Take two lacrosse balls and tape them together  with athletic tape. As much as you dislike the lacrosse ball when we recommend it, we definitely can double up on that recommendation when it comes to helping to mobilize and open up your Thoracic Spine.

Place it perpendicular to your spine, along the upper back (starting between the shoulder blades is a good place) and lie on the ground with your feet flat. Keep your core active (think flattening your lower back), support your head at your neck with your hands, and allow your back to fold over the lacrosse balls. Do this for several repetitions, and then move down along the spine.

Practicing these motions will help you open up that thoracic spine – so give it a shot!

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