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If performed correctly, shoulder windmills can be an excellent way to address shoulder stability as well as thoracic spine mobility. A few key things to remember when performing the shoulder windmill:



  1. Mobility requirements of shoulder, spine, and hips must be acquired before loading this drill.
  2. The movement should be engaged with a hip hinge of the back leg, while the front leg should remain unloaded. Notice in this video, I send my right hip back as I lower my shoulders towards the floor.
  3. Maintain eye contact with the dumbbell throughout the movement, to facilitate rotation and focus.
  4. Avoid rounding of the low back and leaning too far forward, this movement is not about reaching the ground, you are likely to be limited by the depth of your hip hinge!
  5. After getting the hang of the pattern, consider using a kettle bell, as it provides asymmetrical loading to the upper body, an extra challenge for shoulder stability!

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