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The Lax Ball Smash


Self-mysofascial release is an excellent maintenance tool, and can play a huge role in your post-workout recovery routine. For runners, it is especially important to be sure that the bottom of the feet remain supple. The foot is composed of a series of intricate joints and ligaments, which are expected to   act as a shock absorber with every stride. If the foot is too rigid, this could lead to increased stress/pain in joints up the chain.

After you run, be sure to show some love to the bottom of your foot! Take a lacrosse ball, start at the forefoot, and draw small circles all across the surface until you reach your heel. Pressure to the area can be increased/decreased depending on how much weight you put into the leg. Start out with 3 sets of 30 seconds, and be sure to hit both sides.

Remember, that all mobility is best reinforced with proper movement! Stay tuned for more on the importance of motor control of the foot and it’s carry over to daily aches & pains!

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