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Scapular Retraction and Depression


Scapular retraction and depression are important movement patterns in maintaining proper posture and shoulder stability. Whether you are an olympic lifter or working at a desk for most of your workday, this movement pattern is very important. 

When we see patients with a lot of neck or shoulder pain, their posture is usually the culprit. Their shoulders will roll forward, and this alignment can result in shoulder impingement, as well as neck pain because the muscles that help to stabilize your shoulder blades are weak and lengthened because of your rolled forward shoulders.

Focusing on this movement series will help to cue a properly aligned posture, helping to take stress off of the neck and shoulders. 

This series covers scapular retraction, W’s, T’s, and Y’s.

Through out all three movements:

– Pull the bottom of your shoulder blades back and down throughout the motion
– Move from the shoulder blades
– Avoid shrugging; you should not feel tension in your neck or your shoulders
– Avoid lifting your chest off the ground by using your lower back

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