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The Half Turkish Getup


The Half Turkish getup is an excellent way to assess/reinforce shoulder mobility/stability, as it places demands on the body in multiple developmental motor patterns. This movement is best taught to beginners by breaking the skill down into parts, to ensure the individual can execute the movement with proper mechanics. Here we have a demonstration of some things to look for in half of the turkish getup:



1) Setup- Here we are assessing for stability in mid-range shoulder flexion. Be sure to engage the lats, pack the shoulder blade under the ribcage, with the shoulders externally rotated and fists aligned over shoulders. The opposite arm and leg should be parallel, with the arm out at about 45 degrees. 

2) Roll to Elbow- Here we are looking for the trunk stability with dynamic movement, as it is required to create a rigid base to keep the shoulders and hips connected. Common compensations include a lift of the leg from the ground or a change in kettle bell hand position. 

3) Elbow to Hand- This requires coordination, as this motion indicates the ability to externally rotate and stabilize both shoulders simultaneously. Remember to maintain eye contact with the kettle bell, stick the chest out, and depress the shoulder blade by pushing into the ground with the bottom hand. 

4) Exit Strategy- Remember, the reversal of this movement is just as important as how you got there! Be sure to work back down through each stage, lower slowly to the chest, and use the fetal position to safely roll with the kettle bell onto the floor. 

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