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Kettlebell Swing


Kettlebell (KB) swings are a great movement to help develop bilateral hip strength and power, and they are a fundamental movement in most high intensity workout classes. Here, @thematchfitphysio demonstrates a KB swing with optimal form.

Start with both hands on a kettlebell and let it hang with your arms straight. To move the KB into a swing, you will hinge at your hips while keeping your spine in a neutral position to let the KB drop. The next part of the movement is to use your buttcheeks to aggressively thrust your hips forward and use the momentum from the KB to bring your arm to no higher than shoulder height. It may take a few swings to get the KB up to shoulder height, and that’s okay.

Be careful about shrugging your shoulders or using your arms to lift the KB. Your hips should be doing a majority of the work. Something else to be aware of is the use of your lower back. Remember – the movement is done from the hips and should not be felt in the lower back.

Some classes will do an American KB swing (which ends fully overhead) which may cause shoulder discomfort. If you feel any pain with this movement in your back or shoulder, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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