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Patient Spotlight: Alicia Reich


We are so proud to be able to support all of our patients in their active lifestyles while they recover, most recently those who completed the NYC Marathon. One of our patients, Alicia Reich, has been working with Shanté to recover from an ankle injury, and was able to complete her 5th NYC Marathon this year! We are honored to be involved in such a passionate community and to empower our patients to continue being their best selves during recovery. We wanted to shine a spotlight on such an incredible patient and her amazing story, both with Bespoke Treatments, and the NYC Marathon.

How have you been training? 
I’ve been doing weekly long runs on Saturday/Sunday bumping up or decreasing my mileage depending on the week. I also incorporated cross training via spin, barre class, boxing and ran at least 1 other time during the week. Throughout training I had a weekly appointment with Shanté to help reduce swelling and keep mobility and core strength training going to prevent further injury and help fix things from the inside out. Also, lots of rest. I realized during training that my body required more recovery days than I realized.

How has Shante helped with this training/ preparing you for the race?
I broke my ankle last Halloween 2014 and it never properly healed. Shanté was key in finding what was causing the persistent issues. Without Shanté I wouldn’t have been able to run the Marathon. Early on in training I knew something was really wrong and immediately reached out to Shanté. It turns out that not only did I have no mobility in the ankle joint but I also was very unstable due to weak obliques. Shanté taught me that I had to regress to progress and we started with rolling and a few other exercises that taught me how to properly engage and use my core muscles. This allowed me to find strength and stability at my foundation to then build my training upon. Also, via weekly visits Shanté helped me regain mobility and work through pre-existing issues while retraining my fibula and leg muscles to work properly. Did you know that you’re knees are supposed to rotate out? Yea neither did I until Shante taught me the proper way to run, squat, walk, basically live. Maestro knows best!

How did you feel during/after the race (in regards to any pain you’ve been seeing Shante for)?  
I was pain FREE during the entire marathon. I had no ankle, knee or hip pain. I was shocked that at mile 22 I couldn’t feel my feet but my ankle, knees and hips all felt like I could take on another 10 miles. After I felt the typical stiffness and soreness but I had absolutely no pain or injury. My #1 goal was to just not get injured and I didn’t. For the first time in my marathon history (this was my 5th marathon) I actually ran using my core and glutes for power and had better form. Shanté taught me how to engage and use my muscles properly.

What was your time?
5hrs 49min – not my fastest, not my slowest, but strong and proud.

How has your overall Bespoke experience been? 
Bespoke is unlike any other PT office I’ve been too. I feel like everyone that works at PT is cheering me on to not only heal but to be the best athlete I can be. The personal attention and individualized hour I get to spend with Shanté definitely is the only reason I was able to complete the Marathon.

Is there anything else you’d like us to include?  
Shanté is truly the Movement Maestro. She cares so much about her patients and it shows. She checks in on the weekend during long runs, gives you tips for recovery and even came out to cheer me on and make sure all was going ok as I was running. Shanté wants you to heal and find the root of your injury or weakness not just treat pain. Her vast knowledge of the body is unlike anyone else I’ve ever worked with. My physical issues steam from a larger Auto Immune issue and gut issues. Shanté took the time to learn as much as she can to help manage my movement as a whole. I have recommended her to so many people and I don’t plan to stop…that is until I can’t get an appointment anymore 🙂