The Bespoken Word

Bespoke Treatments x Sweat Life


We are so honored to be featured in @sweatlife_nyc ‘Road to Recovery’ week and are proud to be considered an integral part of Aly’s active lifestyle. We share the same philosophy of empowering our community to live a healthy, happy and balanced life. Click the video below to find out how Bespoke Treatments assesses our clients and crafts a recovery and rehabilitation plan to help you get pain and disfunction free while still living the active lifestyle you crave.

About: The Sweat Life is a lifestyle brand that aims to empower people to use health and wellness as a motivation toward a happy and balanced life. Each week The Sweat Life releases a new video episode on the site highlighting a new studio, health trend, healthy recipe, and even some nights out on the town (because that is still part of a healthy balanced life)! Additionally, The Sweat Life online magazine offers great content from an amazing community of contributors on topics in Fitness, Food, Health, Fashion, Beauty, and, well, life!