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Bespoke Treatments were honored to host #TheProgram at our new home in Bryant Park to talk all things recovery and more importantly to get to know some exceptionally inspiring and motivating peeps!  #TheProgram are an inclusive, yet selective group of athletes who support each other in the quest for self improvement and helping others reach their human growth potential. Each member of the team is accountable to the group and expected to give more than they take away in order to help collectively achieve amazing feats of health and fitness.

Courtesy of #TheProgram's instagram account
Courtesy of #TheProgram’s instagram account
Dan Giordano (far right) 'geeking out' with physiology and recovery advice
Dan Giordano (far right) ‘geeking out’ with physiology and recovery advice

We at Bespoke Treatments wanted to hang around this positive energy and try to offer some sound advice on the importance of recovery and introduce some key techniques to ensure mobility, stability and correct alignment to help ensure #TheProgram’s members stay off the treatment table.  The phenomenal drive to achieve greatness can of course lead to over training and imbalance, which in turn can be responsible for some unnecessary non-contact injuries.  Bespoke Treatments respects this about this amazing group of athletes and will never tell any of them to slow down, but we really did want to offer up some of our knowledge about how to appropriately support their endeavors and to generally start the recovery conversation.

The Movement Maestro (top left)
The Movement Maestro (top left)

Stay tuned for some key recovery exercises, techniques and resources from our Bespoke Treatments Physical Therapy team in the coming weeks as we start to build a media platform that will help you push your limits and achieve greatness without the negative effects of injury.

For mor information about #TheProgram check them out at or for inspirational visuals follow them on instagram @theprogram_nyc