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We know you NEED Soul Cycle in your life and that you frequent The Fhitting Room more than your own living room. BFX is your BFF and Nike Run Club is a must attend on Wednesdays, and what about Barry’s Boot Camp!? That CANNOT be missed. But let us help you curate a balanced approach to your exercise class choices, frequency and intensity so that you get the amazing physical (and emotional) impact from them, but remain injury free, strong and in balance.

Your therapist will also go as far as attending (and even participate) in your chosen fitness class, private training session or practice session that you regularly participate in.  The goal is for your therapist to assess your body in action, to get a greater understanding of the demands that you are putting your body through and hone in on the verbal cues that you are receiving from your instructor.  Once this information has been gathered, you will be taught adaptations, alternative exercises and new verbal cues to ensure that balance is secured along with your exercise fix! Ask your therapist for details at your next visit.