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Dan Giordano returns to Alma Mater New York University

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Daniel Giordano has joined the NYU Doctor of Physical Therapy program as guest lecturer this week and will feature regularly throughout the DPT Program.

It has been so great to be back at NYU this week. The school provided me with such a strong foundation to capitalize on the amazing opportunities that I’ve had in my career. The program here is so comprehensive, but the students often don’t get to explore its application in specialist areas. I wanted the students to start thinking about understanding how the theory that they are learning relates to injuries that patients will present once they are fully qualified. Running has seen a year on year growth in ‘participation’ numbers since 1990. With that increase in participation comes increased non contact injuries. I gave a similar lecture that I presented at the Nike+ Global Coaches Summit, to give them an elite intro to running injuries. I then expanded on this further than I did with the Nike+ coaches, by analyzing the runners gait; explaining how to identify areas of disfunction and how they will eventually lead to injury – this way the therapist will know what caused it, how to treat the injury and how to fix the gait to prevent re-injury or further risk of another running injury.